Founder David Cohen 

An entrepreneur with over 30 years of proven sales and marketing experience, 15 years of operations experience, and a history of success in multiple sectors. 

  • First entry into the sales world, at the age of 13, liquidating corporate logo products at flea markets
  • Worked in telesales and client services for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Rogers Communications, Anderson Consulting and Ford Canada
  • At 17, I started my own security company, supplying club and concert security to electronic music dances, reggae concerts, clubs and after-hours events, as well as store walkers for retail outlets
  • After 4 successful years in the security industry, moved to the printing industry, growing Laser Graphics along with my family and acquired clients such as Roots Canada, Swiss Army, Swiss Gear, Wilson Golf, Cosmoda, Wings of Canada and many more.
  • Was recruited into an SR&ED tax credit firm as a Sales Consultant, achieving gross sales of approximately $370,000 of written contracts within one month
  • Having developed expertise in SR&ED, I started my own operation, bringing in over 1 million dollars in contracts within the first 9 months of operation and claiming several million per year for clients which included, but was not limited to: 2Source manufacturing, BC Instruments BroadConnect VOIP, Darcor Casters, Koss Aerospace to name a few.
  • Sold client list to another company in the sector to focus on the launch of Blue Dane, a pet food company founded after 2 years of research and development.

After three successful years operating Blue Dane, I sold my manufacturing process to a competitor and started my sales consulting business, Advice in Sales

I have always had a desire to transfer my skills to assist individuals in understanding and perfecting their sales cycles while realizing often overlooked efficiencies. 

Through a consultative lens I leverage my experience and expertise to help businesses of all sizes maximize their profitability through sales, marketing and operations. 



AIS Group team consists of members from various backgrounds, located from around the world all working remotely to make sure that our clients have access to the best talent that we can offer. 

One noticeable trait that separates us from other digital marketing agencies is that our PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists are paid a base plus commission, which ensures that our specialists are driven and focused on delivering pay per click results to clients, your success is their success. 

We are also one of the only digital advertising agencies that has an in house film and television production team that can strategize, develop and produce video content that is proven to drive traffic to your business. 


What sets us apart from most other digital marketing consultants is that our experience comes directly from the field.

We have designed campaigns for companies who provide services and products direct to consumer, business to business as well as from small businesses to large corporations in both the domestic, cross border and international markets.

When we part with campaign strategy and advice, it's because we are confident that it works, with proven techniques we have already tested and employed in the field. 

We do not take chances with potential client opportunities (burning through leads), and neither should you.

We sell relationships based on value, with the product or service always secondary to the relationship. 

Seek Advice in Sales from experienced professionals. 

Let us show you and your team how to deliver successful digital ad strategies through a robust campaign that delivers results.