In many territories Amazon has had a major impact on local retailers, often forcing them out or dramatically reducing their revenues, have you have considered why? 

The reason is not necessarily for the convenience, because in many instances it may be quicker for a customer to drive to pick up an item, and in many instances it is neither because of price because not all items listed on Amazon are priced competitively. 

It is because of the sheer amount of times a potential prospect is hammered with an ad, targeted and re-targeted. 

Placing further perspective on this theory, it takes a minimum of three to five impressions for a consumer to take notice of an ad, and if the consumer is in the market for that specific product it takes a minimum of thirteen impressions for that consumer to take action on that ad. 

With programmatic advertising, your company can target consumers who are currently searching on the internet for products or services that you sell, and once these consumers have been identified they can be advertised over and over again.

In fact, you can show hundreds of the same ad impressions weekly, and as often as every five minutes, day and night from their offices to their phones to their homes until they take action, ever had an ad follow you, ever give up and buy the product?

Do you still think that online advertising won’t work for you? 

Consider this, with a click of a mouse we can highlight on a map building where your competitors are located and target every individual that walks in and out of that building, it’s called “Geofencing”, scary right?

Here is something even scarier to consider, if you are not targeting your competitors then they may be targeting you, and once they have created an ad to prove their product or service is the authority over yours, eventually your client base will be siphoned from you to them, we call this the MILKSHAKE EFFECT!